WTF Wednesday

Nothing like a good work out, and it is especially gratifying to wipe the pooling sweat off of your face after an hour of hard work. 
Now imagine the towel comes off smeared with red. Huh, you think, you must have popped a zit or managed to cut yourself. You go to bathroom, and in complete horror-movie style you release a trill shriek when you see your reflection. Your entire face is dripping with blood, And dear god its all over your hands too! 

Sweating blood, although a rare occurence, has been reported throughout time. In fact, Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote about blood sweat way back in the 4th century BC.

 In more modern times, people have been diagnosed with the condition known as Hemaditrosis which is literally derived from the Greek words “blood” and “sweat”. To learn more about this odd occurrence click here.

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