Troublesome Thursday

The gentle hum of crashing waves, choruses of crying seabirds, a myriad of green shades presented by the flora that thrive on Canada’s esteemed western coasts. Nothing tops a peaceful stroll on the beach–not with the sun beaming down on you and pressing a rejuvenating warmth into your skin, filling your chest with an overwhelming sense of contentment. Your day will certainly not be ruined by the oddly shaped lump you see being swept back and forth in the shallow waters. No, it just increases your curiosity and excites your natural sense of wonder. You walk closer, questioning that floating object the ocean seems to desperate to rid itself of. Perhaps it’s a lost hat, or a misguided fish. Nonetheless, it won’t ruin your day with nature.

Once you get closer you  start to think that you would have preferred a heavy thunderstorm over the horror that now sits on the sand before you. It is a running shoe, still containing the last wearer’s dis-articulated foot.

Finding a lone foot still wearing the owner’s footwear has been a troubling occurrence to hikers and campers alike since 2007 in British Columbia. Find out where these shoes are coming from, and whether or not they have dark origin by reading this article.


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